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      Grand Theater Groningen
    Stads Schouwburg en cultureel centrum Oosterpoort (main Theatre and Concerthouse)
     Vera: club for the international pop underground and arthouse films
   theatres in Groningen, a general overview site
     Noord Nederlands Toneel, one of the main theatre groups in Holland
    Groninger Uitloper een actuele gids over theater, kunst, muziek, films en meer in de stad
    RKZ-bios (arthouse cinema)
    bioscoop agenda (search site; it gives 5 main cinemas: arthouse and mainstream)
________ MUSEUMS_____________________________________________________________________
      Borgen in de Provincie (visit beautiful old country estate houses in the Province)
      Groninger Museum  (Modern Art museum in the City, near the Central Station)
     Noordelijk Scheepvaart Museum  (shipping museum in a 16th century building)
     stripmuseumgroningen  (dutch cartoon/comic museum in Groningen City / west side)
   Grafisch museum (graphical museum Groningen City)
   (kanoe routes but also a list of private and 'typical' local museums in the Province Groningen)
     Rijtuigen nuseum (one of the larges collection of antique carriages in europe)
      Vesting Boertange (typical dutch fortress East in the Groningen Province, dates to 1600)

_______FAMILIE AND CHILDREN OUTINGS____________________________________________________

______SPORT - SPA AND SWIMMING__________________________________________
    zwembaden in Groningen (indoor swimming in the city of Groningen)
    Sportcentrum Kardinge (Sport Centre Kardinge, tennis & squash, swimming and more.)
     Sauna Pieze (Health Spa Peize)

Hoorsne meer en Paterswoldse meer ten Zuiden van de stad


Noorderplantsoen, Noord West van het centrum


Stadspark Groningen, Zuid West van het centrum